Careful thought and planning has gone into every detail of your wedding day, and it's our job to see this and capture it, to visually communicate the feeling of that day. Our hope is to create images that will be as cherished as your memories themselves.

Why weddings?

My background is in commercial photography and advertising. I love how much more honest and meaningful wedding images are. I feel good about taking pictures that have emotional value. I remember the pictures from my parent's wedding album and how they've become iconic images of their wedding day. These memories influence and inspire me when shooting weddings. I also love how beautiful the wedding day itself is, with its rituals and traditions, flowers and details, the coming together of two families, all of that."
Belynda Webb

"What I love most about shooting weddings is the sheer excitement of capturing what I can translate into tangible gifts — beautiful prints of you, your family, and all your friends. It's a natural extension of what I do commercially when I photograph babies and their families. Belynda and I also work together so well in combining our aesthetic styles, different, but very complementary. I love that I get to work with my best friend."
Max Schroder